Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Got my ticket!! --And fundraising update.

Exciting news-- my ticket is booked!!! I'm officially Lumbumbashi-bound on July 14th!! I'm super excited. :)

In other news, things are really coming together for this trip!! God is definitely opening doors to make this a reality. For those of you who don't know, my mom travels all the time. She accumulates a ton of frequent flyer miles, and she graciously offered to let me use her miles for the first leg of my trip-- Indy to London. Because of that, my ticket price ended up being a lot cheaper. On top of that, I got offered a testing job here in Indy that should earn me about $1000 dollars toward the remaining price of my ticket. Talk about good timing!! That leaves me with needing to raise only about $500 to cover the remaining ticket cost and travel insurance etc.
So that brings down my fundraising grand total quite a bit... I still want to raise money so I can make a significant donation to the nursing school in the town where I will be staying. BUT, it's awesome because you guys know that if you do choose to donate, for the most part it's going directly to the people of the town I'll be staying in, not my own personal expenses. I know money stuff is kind of boring, but I prefer to be completely transparent with the money aspect of this trip so that people know exactly where it is all going.

Bob is in DR Congo right now, where I'll be in July. He's been posting pictures on facebook as he goes, so I'll post some here pretty soon so you can see where i'll be going!!


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